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Uploading to the Internet

Part 2 of 14 in series Uploading

After you complete your web site, you need to upload your site to the internet. Before you save your site to the internet, Web Studio gives you options to view it so that it looks and acts exactly the way you want it to be on the internet. When you are ready to publish your website, you can use our integrated hosting with iHostStudio or host with another company.

Before you save your site to the internet, make sure you have Previewed it and checked the functionality of slide shows, links, etc. The Preview Commands use a browser so you are able to see your site exactly as it will be viewed after it is uploaded to the internet. After you have your site exactly the way you want it, we recommend that you Trial Host. Trial Hosting allows you to see the website on the internet and show it to friends and clients before you publish on the web. This is a free service offered by our partner hosting company, iHostStudio.

Indicate Hosting 

Before you can upload the site to the internet, you need to tell Web Studio if you are using iHostStudio as your hosting company or if you are using another hosting company. There are two places you can do this: The Choose Hosting Command in the Page Tab or the Publishing Section in the Web Studio Button.

Web Studio will remember the hosting company you choose for each website. A checkmark indicates the hosting company.

Information you need before you upload

If you have an iHostStudio account, you only need your website name and password. The iHostStudio Instant Publisher does the rest.

If you are using another hosting company, you will need some additional information. Just like you need a postal address to receive mail from the Post Office, you need some basic web address information so viewers can find you on the web. When you sign up for your web space with your hosting company or ISP, you receive space on one of their computers. This space has an address just like your street address at home. Your hosting company gives you the following web address information:

User name: This is your login so you can gain access to the company’s computer.

Password: This provides you with some security by making it difficult for anyone else to access your Web space.

Remote Site Folder: This is the exact location of where your website files reside on the hosting company’s computer.  This is similar to your street address. Not all companies require this or give you this information.

FTP Address: This is the unique web address for the company that is providing the web space for you.  This is similar to the city you live in.

Using the Uploading Publishers

Web Studio has two different dialog publishers to upload your website to the internet. One is designed specifically for iHostStudio hosting and the other is designed to work for all other hosting companies. Since the uploading publisher depends on the hosting you are using, the first thing you need to do is indicate your hosting company. Web Studio will remember your hosting choice for your website.

infoYou can change the hosting choice for each website you are creating. Web Studio will remember the choice for each site.