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If you modify or make additions to Internet Explorer 8, it can cause random program crashes or features to malfunction. These problems include:

  • Font sizes do not change
  • Yellow background stays behind text after editing.
  • Text jumps when you double click on the text object to edit it
  • Problems with galleries
  • Crashes when copying and pasting
  • Other random problems
Reason for the Problem

Our research leads us to believe that Internet Explorer 8 Add-Ons from third party developers are corrupting IE8. Some of the Add-Ons work fine, but some can cause problems with Windows programs. Add-Ons can even interact with each other to cause even more problems.

IE8 Reset (Internet Explorer 8 Reset)

This solution will NOT cause you to lose any Favorites or Home page settings or affect any other browsers that you use.
If your computer is connected to a Proxy Server, DO NOT do this procedure, it will break the connection to your Proxy Server. If yo don’t know what a Proxy Server is, contact your IT person to see if you are using one. If you don’t have an IT person, you don’t have a Proxy Server.

  • Close Web Studio
  • If you haven’t upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 yet, then click to upgrade at Choose your operating system on the right side of the page. Download and install Internet Explorer 8.
  • Now open Internet Explorer 8, click on the Tools drop down menu, and then choose Internet Options at the bottom.

  • Click the Connections tab and then press the LAN Settings. This opens the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings dialog.

  • If you have entered information into any of these fields you will need to write them down on a piece of paper as these will be reset during this process and are necessary for you to connect to the internet. There are two sections to the LAN Settings. Make sure you write down all of the information. If these are blank, just press Cancel.

  • Now, click on the Advanced tab and then click the Reset button at the bottom of the window.

If you get an error that says you need to close other programs before you can reset, then restart your computer and go through these steps again.

  • When you click the Reset button in the Advanced tab, a new window opens.

  • In the new window, click the Reset button. DO NOT check the box that says Delete Personal Settings.
  • After it finishes the reset, press the Close button. It will ask you to restart Internet Explorer. Close Internet Explorer comnpletely and then reopen it.
  • Internet Explorer will prompt you with a few questions about how ou’d like to use itl These are personal preferences that will not affect how Web Studio is used. When it is done with the setup, it takes you to the Home Page.
  • If you copied anything down from the LAN Settings when you first opened the Internet Options window, you must go back now and re-enter the information.
  • Open Web Studio and text to see of your issues are now resolved.
Still have problems?

If you continue to experience problems we reommend a complete uninstall and reinstall with the lates download available from our website.
It is highly recommended that you disable any antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and/or any other securty products during the install process to prevent conflicts. All security products can be re-enabled after the install is complete.
Here is a direct link to the latest build of Web Studio 5.0.

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