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You can easiy open a new iHostStudio account from within Web Studio or you can visit

Open an account from within Web Studio

  • Open the iHostStudio Account Manager in one of two ways
    • Page Tab>Upload Group>Choose Hosting>iHostStudio Account Manager
    • Web Studio Button Menu>Publish>Open an iHostStudio Hosting Account


  • Click the Open button to open a new hosting account
  • Follow the directions in the publisher to choose the type of hosting you want, search for and acquire a domain name, transfer your existing domain name, etc.
  • When you are done, your web hosting account is ready for use.
  • Your account is now tied to the website Project that was open when you created your account. Each time you save your website to the internet, your hosting information is remembered.
  • Click on the Use iHostStudio Command under Choose Hosting in the Page Tab.

infoThe iHostStudio account is tied to the website Project you create. You need to create an account for each website you upload to the internet.

If you use Web Studio’s PayPal shopping cart, you can use the Basic Plan. You do not need a Business Plan. See the Shopping Carts section to help you decide which plan to choose.
You can use the iHostStudio shopping cart even if you have another hosting company.

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