Signing up for PayPal

Play VideoUsing PayPal with WebStudio is easy. This video will help you in signing up for PayPal. At PayPal, choose sign-up at the top. Make sure you sign up for a Business Account, and enter your information. With a business account, you will be able to do transactions under your business name, you’ll be able to accept credit and debit card payments, and you’ll be covered by paypal’s 24-hour fraud surveillance, among other features. Next, you’ll choose which payment solution you’d like to sign up for. Website Payments Standard might be right for you. If you’re not sure, PayPal can recommend a solution based on your needs.

Next, you’ll begin PayPal’s 3-step sign up process. First you’ll enter your business and financial information. Next, you’ll want to allow PayPal to verify your email address and bank account information in order for funds to be transferred directly into your bank account, rather than your PayPal account. The verification process will take a few days, during which PayPal will deposit money into your account so that you can verify the amount. Once verified, you’ll be able to use the Shopping Cart group in the Create Tab to make Pay Pal buttons on your own site. Watch the Shopping Cart group video for help.

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