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We really excited with our latest release of Web Studio TV. It has been streamlined and reorganized to enable you to quickly find the information you need! We’ve had a lot of input from you about WebStudio TV and the new version reflects your input. As usual, thanks a bunch!! First thing you’ll see the the new interface, clean and simple. The black Menu Bar at the upper right of WSTV gives you access to all the info in WebStudioTV.

We added buttons for you to Tweet about the various things in WSTV.

The big WS/5 button below the WSTV icon will take you to Webstudio.com

The red arrow button beside the WSTV button will take you to the video library where all of the embedded videos from WS 5.0 reside. You’ll notice the tabs at the top reflect those in WS 5.0. Click on a tab to get the the series of videos you want to view. Below that are buttons to launch the videos in the series.

Browse thru the menus. Scroll down to see the WSTV Footer that has additional important info, including the lastest Version Information about Web Studio 5.0.

We also are very excited about the speed of WSTV. We’ve installed extremely powerful web servers that host all of the Web Studio assets. We’ve got 16 Terabytes of space available that should last for quite a while before needing any upgrades.

Now that WSTV is easier to work with you should go to it on a regular basis. We’ll be posting news on the news page and home page of WSTV on a regular basis from now on.

And don’t forget to sign up for RSS Entries. You’ll be alerted via email when new entries have been posted.

Web Studio 5.0 for Windows is a feature-rich website building application, designed to bring affordable web development tools to both experienced designers and novice designers alike. Web Studio packs a lot of intelligence under the hood in order to maintain a non-threatening interface for the novice, while at the same time allowing experienced users the freedom to expand.

WebstudioTV is your one-stop destination for news, educational articles, and tutorials, along with a searchable, ever-growing set of videos, each tagged with relevant terms. We hope you’ll find WebstudioTV to be a wealth of free educational information about Web Studio 5.0. Think of it as an intensive web design course, except this school is free. WebstudioTV not only hosts all of the videos that come bundled with with program, but we also create new videos all the time. Check back often, or if you use iTunes, subscribe to our video podcast to stay up-to-date. We also have a presence on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Click the icons for those services above, to check us out.

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